Love Is Sweeter...

...Than Cake Alone

You’ve already chosen your one man, who says you only get one dessert? Maybe it’s just us, but we can never get enough variety in our sugar.

LAM.MK.Married-669Laulie Cakes | Stems 4 Weddings | Lauren Ann Miller Photography

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Incorporate your favorite indulgences! Macaroons? Yes, please! Surprise your out of town guests with St. Louis’ signature Gooey Butter Cake as a nod to your city. They’ll never forget tasting their first bite at your reception!


Stems 4 Weddings  | Lauren Ann Miller Photography 

The wedding cake VS cupcake debate is never ending. We say on your big day… BOTH! Dessert stations with bite sized assorted goodness allows your guests to choose their own ending to the fabulous dinner. Plus, they’ll have the chance to take two… or three! A little dessert never hurt!


Laulie Cakes | Stems 4 Weddings  | Lauren Ann Miller Photography 

Of course, you can have a wedding cake as well so you don’t have to forgo the cake cutting portion and miss out on smashing it in your Groom’s face. This miniature wedding cake was a great addition to Meghan and Kurt’s desserts.

LAM.MK.Married-752 “Let them eat cake, TOO!”

LAM.MK.Married-756Laulie Cakes Lauren Ann Miller Photography 

Eat more sugar, it will only make you sweeter!


| Meghan and Kurt Krieger | Mr. & Mrs. Wedding EventsLauren Ann Miller Photography