"Na Zadrowie" Christy and Kamil

{Naz-droh-vee-ay}...to your health

Our team went through a few changes last year, event managers left to be stay at home mommy’s and new ones came around. I [Rose here!] got the pleasure of taking over Christy and Kamil’s wedding. Most people are a bit hesitant to change event managers during the planning process [rightfully so!] but Christy and Kamil and I hit it off instantly! Luckily for me, these two had a few cultural traditions up their sleeves for their June wedding.christikamilwedding-107While guests enjoyed “Kamillionare Crab Cakes” [named by none other than Kamil himself] on the mezzanine, the bridal party and family were prepping for one of the best entrances we have seen! Downstairs, a cocktail table filled with freshly made bread, a toasting glass of water and a toasting glass filled with vodka awaited our happy couple.christikamilwedding-589Polish wedding traditions are unique and quite different than anything we’ve done here at Lumen! I’m sure you are intrigued by this Vodka, Water + Bread toast [I certainly was]. Traditionally, the couple meets their families at the table, unaware of which glass has the vodka in it a toast is made. “Na Zdrowie” and bottoms up!  Now for the fun part… the recipient of the vodka toast is then named The Decision Maker in the household.
[See picture below for results]

christikamilwedding-602How’s that working out for you Kamil? I’m thinking Christy might have taken over the title of Decision Maker! 

Wine at the tables? Not this time around! Kamil made raspberry vodka for each table! [Grandma’s famous recipe] and wow! It delicious! Another Polish tradition is your toasting glass should never be empty; so home-made vodka on the tables really got this party going! “Na Zdrowie” {to your health} was the phrase of the evening!


Check out this map Christy made honoring guests that traveled from all over to celebrate Christy and Kamil’s vibrant love for each other! Celebrate might be an understatement for this crowd… by the end of the night, I was hoping to be one of their best friends!


Christy and Kamil are so spirited, so upbeat, extremely entertaining, and two of the most welcoming people you might ever meet. This picture says it all. Na Zdrowie you two!



Special thanks to Dana Tate Photography for capturing these unforgettable moments.