The Space

It’s okay, take our new 360° virtual tour in your jammies.

Shouting THANKS from our rooftop to 3D Media Plus for their mad virtual tour skills and a pretty little merci beaucoup to Nüage Designs for their stunning linens!

For an idea what Lumen looks like at night, with different lighting, check out the tour below!

Did we mention we can also host your ceremony?

The reception is where the party’s at, but the wedding ceremony is where all the feels happen. For your “I do” moment, Lumen boasts two options; either on the mezzanine for 100 seated or in the main ballroom for 200+ with complimentary white pipe and drape and a quick flip to reception!


And as the first event to kick off your new union, your wedding ceremony is the chance to wow guests with the unexpected, avoid making guests drive from place to place, establish your wedding theme or style, and give a hint at what’s to follow at the reception - making Lumen's unique venue all the more perfect!